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NHS bans metal-on-metal hip replacements, including Biomet

November 18th, 2013

The British National Health Agency (NHA) has banned metal-on-metal hip replacements of all kinds, including the Biomet M2A Magnum. The decision came after a study showed that there was a failure rate of nearly 4 out of 10 among patients fitted with the implants at NHA hospitals.

In addition to the ban, thousands of patients who received the metal hip implants have been instructed to get blood checks annually for potential metal poisoning. Devices such as the M2A Magnum could potentially release toxic levels of cobalt, chromium and other carcinogenic metals into the blood stream.

Biomet M2A Magnum side effects have caused several patients to file metal-on-metal hip replacement lawsuits alleging that the devices caused injuries. Patients have complained of premature loosening of the hip implant, tissue damage, pain, limited mobility and metallosis.


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