Help and information about BioMet Hip Replacement recalls.

Patients eligible to pursue claim against Biomet despite settlement

October 3rd, 2014

Patients who received a Biomet M2a Magnum hip replacement will be eligible to pursue claims against the manufacturer if their hip device fails, despite a settlement reached earlier this year. In February, Biomet agreed to pay $56 million to metal hip patients who received a faulty M2a magnum hip replacement. The ongoing settlement will cover roughly 2,400 Biomet lawsuits alleging… read more »

Decision on BioMet acquisition expected by Oct. 3

September 19th, 2014

Antitrust regulators from the European Union will decide by October 3rd whether to allow U.S. manufacturer Zimmer Holdings to buy rival device manufacturer BioMet Inc. The sale would make Zimmer the second-largest orthopedic manufacturer behind Johnson & Johnson. The sale could come with legal baggage, as BioMet currently faces multiple hip replacement lawsuits alleging that its M2A Magnum metal-on-metal hip… read more »

More than 2,300 BioMet lawsuits pending

September 5th, 2014

More than 2,300 BioMet lawsuits have been filed by patients who allege that the company released defective hip replacements. The lawsuits, which have been consolidated in Indiana, focus on the BioMet M2a Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacement, which was found to fail at a rate much higher than other hip replacements. read more »

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission issues subpoena to BioMet

July 31st, 2014

The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission has issued a subpoena to BioMet for alleged improprieties concerning its operations in Brazil and Mexico. BioMet has had to pay $22 million in the past for violating government rules and paying kickbacks to employees for promoting its medical devices. read more »

Zimmer takeover of Biomet halted by European Commission

June 24th, 2014

Zimmer Holdings’ planned takeover of hip manufacturer Biomet Inc. has been halted by the European Commission due to lack of information. Zimmer intends to purchase Biomet for more than $13 billion despite the number of Biomet hip replacement lawsuits filed against the company. The takeover of Biomet would make Zimmer the second-largest orthopedic manufacturer behind Johnson & Johnson, which also… read more »

Biomet bought by rival manufacturer, hip lawsuits remain

May 12th, 2014

Biomet has been purchased by rival manufacturer Zimmer for $14 billion, despite both companies facing hip replacement lawsuits for their orthopedic devices. Both companies are based out of Warsaw, Indiana, where Biomet made its M2a Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacement. read more »

Concentrations of cobalt in blood an early sign of metal hip implant failure

March 11th, 2014

A retroactive study of patients who ended up having severe complications from their metal-on-metal hip replacements showed early blood tests could predict eventual failure. Patients who had a higher concentration of cobalt in their blood were much more likely to eventually require revision surgery to remove the device. read more »

Study suggests metal-on-metal hip replacements lack clinical research

February 14th, 2014

A new study published in the BMJ has found that at least 24% of metal-on-metal hip replacements have not been researched to adequately prove clinical effectiveness. The study also shows that 8% of those implanted in 2011 had no clinical study proving effectiveness. read more »

Patients eligible to participate in BioMet settlement until April 15

February 7th, 2014

Patients who received a faulty BioMet M2a Magnum hip replacement are eligible to participate in a recently announced settlement, as long as they file their lawsuit prior to April 15th. BioMet has agreed to settle lawsuits for a minimum of $56 million. read more »

Biomet reaches $56 million settlement over M2a Magnum hip replacements

February 4th, 2014

Medical device manufacturer Biomet Inc will pay at least $56 million to settle a multidistrict lawsuit relating to defective hip replacements. The litigation involves the Biomet M2a Magnum and M2a 28 metal-on-metal hip replacement devices. The combined Biomet lawsuits were jointly heard at the federal court of Indiana, where Biomet is headquartered. read more »

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