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Biomet ordered to pay $2.7 million to surgeon who developed products

August 26th, 2013

A jury has ordered Biomet Inc. to pay $2.7 million to a spine surgeon who developed products for the company. The doctor alleged that Biomet breached its contract when it stopped paying him for the devices he created for the company.

Biomet is currently facing other legal troubles, as thousands of patients have alleged that its M2a Magnum hip replacements caused serious injuries. The Biomet lawsuits come after a 2011 study found that the M2a Magnum metal-on-metal hip implants fail and require revision surgery at a rate much higher than other devices.

Biomet M2a Magnum hip replacement side effects include tissue damage, fretting, corrosion and metallosis. Metallosis is a form of metal poisoning that occurs when the metal components of the device rub together and release metal particles into the blood and tissue.


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