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BioMet Inc. buys company to enter spine market

October 21st, 2013

BioMet Inc. will acquire Lanx Inc. in the attempt to break into the spinal surgery device market. BioMet is one of the primary manufacturers in the surgical device market, and manufactured the controversial BioMet M2a Magnum hip replacement.

BioMet has made several moves to secure its place in the device market, recently being sued by competitor Stryker Corporation, which alleged BioMet tried to buy off employees and sabotage Stryker’s business from within. The company now faces multiple M2a Magnum hip replacement lawsuits alleging that the metal-on-metal implant caused serious injuries.

Several patients have complained of M2a Magnum hip implant side effects, including metallosis, premature loosening of the hip implant, hip pain, fretting and corrosion. An Australian study found that 7.2% of patients require revision surgery to treat the BioMet hip every year, a much higher number than alternative hip implants.


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