Help and information about BioMet Hip Replacement recalls.

Bellwether Biomet lawsuits likely to take place in 2015

January 29th, 2014

A scheduling order issued by U.S. District Judge Robert Miller revealed that bellwether Biomet hip replacement lawsuits will likely take place in June, August, October and December of 2015. The lawsuits feature common issues that could determine potential results and settlements for other Biomet lawsuits.

Biomet is facing nearly 1,000 lawsuits over its M2A Magnum metal-on-metal hip replacement. Patients have complained that the M2A Magnum failed at a rate higher than expected, causing severe side effects.

Biomet M2A Magnum side effects include tissue damage, limited mobility, premature loosening of the hip joint and metal in the bloodstream, known as metallosis. Biomet is one of several metal-on-metal hip manufacturers facing hip implant lawsuits as a result of defective or recalled devices.


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