Help and information about BioMet Hip Replacement recalls.

34-year old gets metal poisoning from hip replacement similar to Biomet M2A Magnum

November 5th, 2013

A 34-year old man has discovered he had metal poisoning after receiving a metal-on-metal hip replacement. Doctors told him he should get at least 10-15 years of use from the implant, but Steven Starrett is scheduled to have the device removed after receiving it in 2008.

Starrett said his blood contained dangerously high levels of cobalt, chromium, mercury and lead after the device began wearing out inside his body. Devices such as the Biomet M2A Magnum hip replacement were recalled after studies verified that metal poisoning such as Starrett’s is unusually common among the devices.

Thousands of patients have received faulty hip replacements that led to severe side effects, including metal poisoning, tissue damage, pain and limited mobility. Biomet faces multiple M2A Magnum lawsuits alleging that the company released a defective device.


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